"Reaching for the stars"

Nasa Kids Academy Too

When you choose Nasa Kids Academy, you can relax knowing that your kids are given special attention before and after classes. With a team that works to give your child quality facilities and services, we'll make sure that your child will have fun and make new friends! We're your ideal choice in the Greater Clear Lake area. Schools we serve include:

• Mc Whirter

• Whitcomb

• Armond Bayou

• Falcon Pass

• Clearlake City

• Bay Area Charter

Gift Your Child a Quality Learning Experience

Quality learning environment for your kids

• Drop off and pick up or drop or pick up only

• Study time

• Play and snack time

• Friendly Staff

• Wii

• Basketball

• Board games

At Nasa Kids Academy, we give your child a place to learn, laugh, and explore talents - every day!